Kohakubai-Namasu (Pickled Daikon-radish and Carrot, Shaped in Red & White plum flowers)

Date taken:2023-01-23

I found a cute recipe using ingredients familiar in Japanese home cooking.

A pickled daikon-radish and carrot is one of the popular recipe for new year celebration, and this recipe will add floridness to your meal.


◆A piece of advice

  • You need to pickle it for a day, so make it by the day before you eat it. It will last for about 5 days in refrigerator.
  • Using a colorless vinager, sugur and salt is preferred. I used rice vinager, but if you are using wine vinager maybe you should reduce it by 20 to 30 % and add water, like vinager 30ml and water 25 ml.
  • White part of yuzu-citrus peel has bitter-tasting, so you should peel off and use only yellow part.


①daikon-radish・・・・・・・・・250 g

②carrot・・・・・・・・・・・・・50 g

③salt (to massage the vegitables)・・0.75 g~1.5 g

※The more vegitable slices are thick, the more you add salt.

—–pickle juice—–

④rice vinager・・・・・・・・・・40 ml

⑤water・・・・・・・・・・・・・15 ml

⑥sugar・・・・・・・・・・・・・12 g

⑦salt (for pickle juice)・・・・・1.0 g

⑧yuzu-citrus peels・・・・・・・・2 slices

◆Cookware & Utensils

kitchen knife, chopping board, plum flower shaped vegitable cutter (large: 1.5 inch size, small:1 inch size), 2 bowls, stone weight (or any other things you can add weight, like fruit can), colander, paper towel, enamel container (I use “Noda Horo”)

※It’ll be easier if you use a vegetable slicer insted of knife.

◆How to cook

1.Cut daikon-radish and carrot into 2 mm slices, then use vegetable cutter to shape it. The vegetables will be 15 to 20 slices each.

2.Put the vegetable slices into a bowl, add salt and massage the vegetables. Cover the surface with a plastic wrap and put a weight on it for an hour.

3.Mix all the ingredients for pickle juice (④ to ⑦) together in a bowl, till the sugar melt completely.

4.After an hour from the salt massage, put the vegetables into colander, then pressing carefully with a paper towel and move them into an enamel container.

5.Pour the pickle juice and peels into container, pickel it for a day.

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