How to keep & use Daikon radish and Carrot

illastrated by yukari.s

I use daikon radish and carrot very often. So I’d like to share how to keep them in a fridge, in a freezer, and in a room temperature.

This article is all about daikon radish, but you can use the same way to keep carrots.

◆In a refrigerator

You need a paper towel and a plastic bag.

①Wet the paper towel and wrap up the vegetable.

②Put them in a plastic bag and evacuate the air.

③Stack them straight up if possible, keep it in a refrigerator.

◆In a room temperature

I make dehydrated vegetable to keep them long in a room temperature. Cut them finely, then if its dry season just keep them in a room for a couple days. If its wet season… please wait for an other article!

When using dehydrated vegetable, put them into a boiling water for about 3 min and strain it. Also adding cucumber or onion, dress them together with some dressing makes quick salad.

◆In a freezer

When you freeze a vegetable the texture often changes, but you would not feel the changes if you grate them before you freeze.

It’s a nice condiments to add into udon or soba noodles.

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