the beginning of spring

“Risshun” is a time which a sign of spring shows up.

The first strong southerly wind after this time of period is called “Haru-ichiban”.

Nihon-no-Shichijyunikou-wo-Tanosimu (Pleasure of 72 Japanese microseasons)

◆seasonal things

1. Ume (Plum flowers)

Plum flowers are the signs of spring. Its red and white motif is used for new year celebration.

2. Uguisu (Japanese bush warbler)

Uguisu is also called “Haru-tsuge-dori (a bird which tells us spring comes)”. I’d like to share a Wagashi (Japanese sweets) inspired by this bird.

Coming soon…

3. Fukinoto (butterbur sprout)

It’s said that the bitterness of the Sansai (wild vegetables) awakes our body from the cold winter, and boost your metabolism.

Update in future…

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